The Edwards Brothers
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 The Beat-Ables



Lounge Lizards 

Psychedelic music and Nehru jackets are all the rage, as the band's name is officially changed to The Edwards Brothers.


  • The Latest Addition


    Gary Luchese became the band's guitar player in 1968. He not only shared the stage with the brothers, but also became their first studio guitarist.

  • Tickling the Hammond


    Bob plays to a packed house in the Novato High School gymnasium. His Hammond organ would soon be retired in favor of the classic B3 model.

  • Comin' to the Show?


    A 1969 press photo to promote Novato High School's summer rock concert. Student Chris Proett "rocks" in her rocking chair.


    A New Look


    Sure, they look silly now, but Nehru jackets were trendy in 1968. The band's custom-designed stage attire was hand-sewn by the brothers' mom, Shirley.


    A Full Load


    It was a tight squeeze, but all of the band's stage gear fit into this yellow Ford Econoline van—provided by local retail merchant Ben Edwards. (Thanks, Dad!)






Bruce On Drums


Unlike today's drummers who bury themselves under mounds of tom-toms and layers of cymbals, Bruce had just four drums to pound on. Here he makes the most of his humble drum kit.


"Drum Solo" (1967)

Terry Bozzio


One Drummer Short


Famed Frank Zappa and Missing Persons drummer Terry Bozzio played exactly one gig with the Edwards Brothers. I had taken on the lead singer chores downstage, so we needed a substitute drummer. I would occasionally returned to the drum kit for some songs, while Terry stood next to me on cow bell—a shameful waste of talent. I later learned that Terry and I had both taken drum lessons from part-time Dave Brubeck drummer Lloyd Davis. Terry is now considered a drumming genius. I should have paid closer attention in class.


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