The Edwards Brothers
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 Early Recordings



The Beat-Ables 

Phil and Bob were committed Jazz musicians. They studied the jazz greats and even attended Stage Band Camp in the summer of '63. Then came The Beatles!


  • Festival Favorite


    The Jim Myers Quartet at the 1964 Sonoma Valley Grape Festival talent contest, with Phil on flute and Bob on piano. Robbie McBeath played bass and Jim Myers was on drums.

  • Sour Grapes


    The quartet takes 2nd place. Boo!

  • At the Hop


    The quartet provided a wide range of dance music for this Novato High School event in 1964.

  • Victorious


    The local press cerebrated the quartet for winning 1st prize on The Ben Alexander Show—a TV talent competition.


    Backup Band


    Pop recording star Dee Clark ("Hey Little Girl") performed at Novato High School in 1963. Jim and his quartet filled in as sidemen, along with Rick Bent and George Chipman on saxes.


    School of Rock


    Jim and Bob teamed up after the quartet disbanded to try their had at Rock and Roll. Bob was on organ and Jim played drums for The Trolls.






Brubeck to Beatles


Finding Beatles sheet music on the piano one morning put the quartet on a new musical path. Robbie McBeath traded his acoustic bass for an electric guitar. Jim Myers laid down a drum beat he would earlier have thought beneath him. It was a sign of things to come.


"She Loves You" (1964)



Caught On Camera


In these rare home movies, The Jim Myers Quartet takes the stage at the 1963 Grape Festival. The camera is then trained on a black and white TV screen, as the band performs on The Ben Alexander Show in '64. Bruce Edwards introduces this nostalgic look back at the Edwards brothers' musical beginnings.


The Group


Getting Their Feet Wet


Phil and Bob's musical journey actually began in 1962, with the formation of a 7-piece dixieland band. It wasn't a glamorous beginning, playing gigs like the local PTA "Rancho Round-Up" and the Black Point boat ramp dedication in Petaluma, but the music bug had bitten them bad. None of the band members could agree on a name for the group, so they were simply known as... "The Group."


Photo: Bob on piano. Phil on sax on the right.


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